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    The most professional tachograph analysis software on the market
    18 labour & road transport inspections | 20 000 active licenses | 26 languages supported

    Tachospeed is an effective way to gain competitive advantages
    Average reduction of penalties by 67%
    Loss in accidents decreased by 72%
    Driver hours analysis savings
    (6 hours per week per driver)

    Tachospeed is always one step ahead
    100% of compliance with Regulation 561/2006
    100% of accuracy in driver hours analysis
    increased efficiency and simplicity in the drivers’ hours analysis
    full compliance with Working Time Directive

    Tachospeed is used by the Law Enforcements from many European countries
    In particular by Police, Road Transport Inspections, Customs Chambers, Border Guards and Labour Inspections.

    Complete. Full of features.

    Single view analysis, editing and infringements report tool
    Step-by-step graphical infringement analysis
    Quick and advanced analysis of violations
    Analogue, digital and manual data analysis combined
    Fully automated process of inspection protocol creation

    and more…

    Supervision Over Inspectors: Inspectors card contains information about all road-checks carries out by the inspectors. A dedicated module of Tachospeed software exclusively made for supervisors is able to report the contents of inspection cards. This is to prevent inappropriate behavior whilst the inspection.

    Reputation Check: Using Tachospeed software connected with Tachospeed Stat an inspector is able to check historical data on inspected driver, vehicle or company in central database. An inspector is able to check indicated infringements made by other employees.

    Statistical Reports: prints all reports required by either European Union or United Kingdom

    Tachospeed is developed by Infolab,

    CORTE and Tachograph Forum member.

    The Confederation of Organisations in Road Transport Enforcement (CORTE) based in Brussels is one of the largest and most knowledgeable road transport platforms at international level.

    Tachograph Forum is a Commission Expert Group, lead by MOVE – DG Mobility and Transport. Assists the Commission in relation to the implementation of existing Union legislation, programmes and policies.

    Tachospeed – drivers’ hours analysis based on analogue and digital tachographs
    Tachospeed is used for automatic reading of drive times, rest periods, breaks and POAs from tacho charts as well as for drivers’ hours analysis in WTD reports.
    Reports and calculations
    Analogue & digital tachographs
    RTD report + current schedule of charges
    Drivers Timesheets in compliance with working time regulations
    Calculation of drivers’ travel expenses
    Fuel module – average fuel consumption report

    and more…

    Road Inspection Report – driver’s infringements with attached schedule of charges according to Regulation No 561/2006
    Driver Timesheets – calculation of driver hours, overtime, POAs, night work
    All Drivers Timesheets – working time summary report
    WTD Report for Crews – crew working time summary
    Vehicle Mileage Report – distance discrepancy (odometer vs charts)
    Calculation of Travel Expenses
    Average Fuel Consumption Reports
    Lists of important dates and deadlines

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    so we provide you very convenient technical support

    Ready to get Started? It’s Free!

      No risk and no credit card required.

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